Since the beginning HARG’s close cooperation with the prestigious Department of Health Sciences of the University of Genoa (DISSAL) has reinforced our commitment to research and development, enabling us to demonstrate and guarantee the scientific effectiveness of DysphaMeal products.

This evidence is supported by validated, certified data, presented to the international scientific community in late 2019:

  • Improved blood albumin levels, a sign of correct and appropriately absorbed nutrients.
  • Increased blood lymphocytes, which is necessary for protecting the immune system.
  • Improved blood lipid profile: blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels within normal ranges.
  • 70% reduction in the number of enemas administered monthly.
  • Positive response to food, with a significant reduction in challenging behaviours at mealtimes.


These significant results emerged from the WeanCare nutrition protocol, developed and implemented in partnership with DISSAL. This study aimed to measure the clinical and care-related effects on the nutritional, biochemical and functional profile of a group of 200 vulnerable care homes residents. The residents were served a customized menu for at least 6 months. The study began in October 2018 and involved measures of anthropometrical, biochemical, nutritional and functional data at the start and every three months.

The WeanCare project comprises meals only without any oral nutritional supplements.

Daily average nutritional values:

  • kJ 7530 (kcal 1840)
  • Proteins 60 g
  • Fats 70.80 g
  • Saturated fats 14.20 g
  • Salt 1.66 g
  • Fluids 2200 ml



Improved albumin level


Increase in the lymphocyte component, which is necessary for the immune defenses and greater efficacy of vaccines.


Significant decrease in the number of monthly enemas: - 70%

Improved feeding behaviour

Positive response when fed by our meals.

As a result of these highly positive results, HARG has made the WeanCare protocol available to residential care facilities that wish to participate.

The programme includes training sessions and practical steps, each one overseen by the DysphaMeal specialist responsible for the WeanCare project.
Special attention is paid to training all the care home staff: facility managers and assistants, health care professionals, coordinators, ward and kitchen staff.
Furthermore, during the project a day’s engagement session is provided for family, during which they have the opportunity to taste some of the dishes.

In order to correctly monitor the progress of the residents participating in the programme, the WeanCare web portal is available so that the care home manager can input data using a simple, quick, user-friendly procedure in a reserved area that is password protected.

The collected data will be periodically reviewed by DISSAL who will share the results with the participating care homes.

The collected data will be periodically reviewed by DISSAL who will share the results with the participating care homes. The result will be published in compliance with privacy regulations. Specific meetings will be scheduled with customers, in order to analyze the development of the protocol within the facility.


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