An innovative start-up offering a novel natural food-based solution that meets nutritional needs of people

Healthy Aging Research Group Srl (HARG) was founded in Italy 2017 as an Innovative Hi-Tech Start-Up, aiming to offer a novel natural food-based solution to meet nutritional needs of people with or at risk of malnutrition and in particular those with dysphagia.

Purposed to create impact on the global stage in 2020 the company joined AVANZI ETICA EUVECA SICAF SPA, therefore becoming a Benefit Corporation. This means that HARG is now legally committed to working responsibly, sustainably and transparently to create a positive impact on society.

Furthermore, HARG benefits from the aImpact closed fund, promoted by Avanzi with Etica Sgr, which has obtained significant financial support from professional investors, particularly Banca Etica and Fondazione Social Venture Gda. The Harg project is part of the two social-impact businesses that have been selected, in which high investments will be done in the coming months.

Benefit corporation

The Benefit Corporation is a legal form of business, introduced to Italy in January 2016. This is a new type of company, which in addition to conventional profit-making objectives has, as part of its mission, the goal of having a positive impact on society and on the biosphere, creating shared value. Even when the company is handed down through the generations or listed on the stock exchange, this statute is maintained, enabling businessmen, managers, shareholders and investors to protect the company’s mission and stand out in the market by having an innovative, ethical legal form.

Benefit corporations pursue one or more objectives to the benefit of the community in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner.

The aim is to have a positive effect on people, on the community, on the local environment, on activities associated with social and cultural heritage, as well as on institutions, associations and other stakeholders.

This enables the company to guarantee the scientific effectiveness of their products: dehydrated texture-modified food preparations, suitable for persons suffering from dysphagia of varying severity.


People with dysphagia suffer from an energetic deficit tand are unable to swallow food that is not perfectly smooth and texturized, with serious health risks. The most serious risk is pneumonia, which is one of the three leading causes of death in patients in long term residential residential care.


Dysphagia is a malfunction of part of the digestive system, manifested by the difficulty in swallowing solid foods and liquids. In persons suffering dysphagia the risk that the bolus instead of correctly going through the oesophagus goes in the trachea, which can lead to aspiration pneumonia.

Dysphagia, temporary or permanent, could be obstructive, caused by something that physically prevent the passage of the bolus, or motor control related, caused by the lack of control of the muscular system related to other diseases: traumas, cancers (and cancer treatment), neurodegeneration and other.
The aim is to have a positive effect on people, on the community, on the local environment, on activities associated with social and cultural heritage, as well as on institutions, associations and other stakeholders.

The Dysphameal patented food preparation process guarantees the correct intake of necessary nutrients drastically reducing the need for additional nutritional support.

Patients can therefore expect a consistent, smooth meal, with a measured and balanced intake of nutrients and calories specific to meet their needs. This can help prevent problems linked to malnutrition seriously reducing the use of oral nutritional supplements. We pay great attention not only to the nutritional composition of our products (every one of our meals, meat, fish, vegetable or dessert, provides a balanced mix of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals and fibre), but also to the taste.

We already have an impressive selection of recipes recreating the taste and flavour of British, Italian and International cuisine: e.g. spaghetti carbonara, Sunday roast, chocolate mousse, Sachertorte and many others. More than 50 meals are already available and we are developing new ones all the time.


Dysphameal products provide a safe, practical and convenient solution for all care homes managing people with dysphagia, improving the health and wellbeing of residents. They help to reduce overall costs through savings on drugs and by reducing the number of hours worked by carers.


Dysphameal products are made only with natural ingredients and provide the correct intake of all nutrients thanks to a patented process of automated meal making and rehydration.